Durian Selling Franchise

Durian is known for its pungent smell and taste. Yet, it is one of the most favourite delicacies in Southeast Asia. Durians are a great source of Vitamin C, and many people eat durian to boost their immune system during the winter season. In Singapore, there is a growing trend on starting a successful durian selling franchise or business. Some even think that this fruit has medicinal properties which can help cure diseases like cancer. If you want to know more about durian market trends in Singapore, then read on!

Durian Business Franchise: In Singapore, durians are sold throughout the year. The durian season in this country is between June to August, and there will be lots of durian trees that would bear fruits during these months. But you can still find durians being sold from March until May since some durian trees produce fruit even when it’s not its usual time for them to do so! One reason why durians are popular in this part of Asia is that they taste sweet despite their strong smell, which often puts people off at first glance. So if you have a knack or liking for starting a successful durian business franchise, then go ahead and take advantage of the current market trends today!

Getting yourself into the durian selling business

The durian is a fruit that’s widely popular in Southeast Asia. But it can also be used to make durian-based products such as durian ice cream, durian pastries, among others. If you want to start a successful durian business, then read on!
Durians are cheaper and tastier during their peak season, and the prices go down when they lose their freshness or become overripe. So if you decide to sell durians from your farm, consider this information before selling them at more than double of what they should cost! Operating a durian franchise is not just about knowing the demand for these fruits but also understanding the market trends, so you know exactly when will be the best time to sell durians.

Tap into the market during peak seasons

If you want to start a durian franchise, it has to be during durian’s peak season. This is when durians are at their freshest and cheapest prices, so not only will you have more customers but also higher profit margins too! Make sure that the durian business is selling top quality fruits for them to become worth your time, effort as well as money spent on its commercialization. You can sell these fresh durians by yourself or through distributors who would buy from farmers like you and resell them at retail stores across Singapore (or even online). If this sounds good enough already, wait until we tell you about the other benefits of starting a durian franchise.

Durian farming is a challenging task.

Starting up may seem easy, especially if durians are your passion and you’re ready to put in all the hard work. But durian farming may also be difficult, especially if it is your first time doing so or if you have no idea what to do at emergencies like durian trees getting infested with pests, diseases that would harm durian plants, among others. That’s why having a durian franchise can help since someone else will take care of those issues instead of leaving you free to focus on more important things such as selling the fruits!
This way, both parties (the farmer and franchisor) benefit from this kind of business deal; they each get something out of it, which is precisely how any successful collaboration should begin – understanding one another needs. Farmers earn more from durian sales, and franchise owners get to enjoy their fruits at a much lower price in addition to other benefits such as expanding to durian desserts.

More than a fruit

Durians are very popular among Southeast Asians, especially Malaysians who have been consuming it since they were children! It is not only delicious, but durian-based products (such as ice cream or pastries) are also deemed healthier by some people because of their low-calorie content, making durian an ingredient worth keeping for future generations too! The durian industry has already gone global, so if you want to start your own durian business, now may be the best time ever, considering how big this fruit’s market can get with everyone enjoying durian!
Durians may be very popular in Southeast Asia, but the durian business is a lucrative one too. If you want to start up your durian franchise, consider the tips above; they will guide you on making this durian business as successful and rewarding for all parties involved.